Everything is Awesome Nothing Matters

by meek is murder

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The second full-length album. Tragedy and perseverance. Bad luck and better days.


"In The Ground" Official music video by Jim Turner:

Album teaser:

Godcity Studio report:


released 22 October 2013
Recorded by Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studio. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side.

Music by Meek is Murder. Lyrics by Keller.

Keller - Guitar and Vocals
Sam - Bass
Frank - Drums

"Hippogriff" cover art by Keller.



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Track Name: Passersby
it passed you by
like the rain our hearts beat away
then and just as it passed our hearts beat away
Track Name: Dumb as Death's Head
when there’s no difference between family and enemy
the diaries weren’t meant to be read at me
just then he looked right at me dumb as death’s head
Track Name: Ashes & Glass
one fall eve one part of me was lost in fire
i looked to her she understood she always would
no more rest for me wondering where to sleep tonight
but all the memories in flame all look the same: ashes and glass, fear and the past
Track Name: In the Ground
grand father
ancient awake but always dead
crawl out of your hole to beg for change it’s far too late dude
i did never catch your name maybe we met once
you hurt the ones that gave me love
the sky the moon the gentle sun
you won’t be missed in the ground
Track Name: You Had a Horse
violence of inaction brutality of distraction
another day another wasted
i wonder if you even left your chair
i just don’t understand the person you are now
another way another reason
you could have stayed but not like this
i just can’t be the man you want me to be
i can’t stomach that waste of life
you had a horse but you gave it up
we had a dream but it’s just that
Track Name: Our Dream
there’s nothing wrong with being a citizen
denizens of a stolen land
forget your dream just pay the bills
it’s our dream now
low hanging fruit is all they were after
hating you was something they did
fading truth and everything later
the aging youth so tempted by naps
Track Name: More Always More
never there but always more
the blood we shared for all those lost years
i found your face your smile that summer
i heard your voice but i couldn’t listen
i heard your fate but i didn’t buy it
what does it take to break a good man
i guess it’s more always more
Track Name: Less is More
the blood they said you shed in all those final days
we thought you led a life of love and poetry
we thought you had a heart
but we won’t know now
i wonder how you could do that but less is more
Track Name: Our Hope / Our Home
oh to placate
alone not erased
all this for the price of love
our past is now our best
our home is all that’s left
our hope our home
tailored, lovesick
impossible hemlines through the heart
failure of sick fantasy comforts
here we are oh no i don’t think so
our hope our home
living and breathing and being a ghost of our home
Track Name: Paper Hands and The Desert Sea
then came the shock
the paper hands that once held me so close
and built me bridges made of stone had fallen from sight
we thought they could be mended
we thought you could be whole again
but everything’s temporary
even a heart of true gold
i tried to cross the barren desert sea to see your face just one last time
the heat of the sun was too much to bear
i only heard you were afraid
Track Name: Ghost Moth
ghost moth greet me
light is so fleeting
under the sun cracking with dry mouth
i found someone to bring me the rain
under the sky lying in the grain
but only time washed away
and when i saw her in some dank stairwell
i thought she’d lift her delicate wings
but when i held her she stayed to watch
maybe to taste exquisite pain
ghost moth fly
Track Name: Play Dead
it started with the end and it ended with a curse
reckless in undoing and so versed
the alimentary bird song the wind against our backs
nothing that could stop us until fear attacked
and just like every morning stumbles through to night
she saw the empty sky and took flight
and on the dew and soil sat alone but with the dawn
i thought we had a dream but now it’s gone
i’ve lost words to say but i’ll try anyway
i just hope that you don’t turn your back on me again
the last time we sank into that violent sea
i felt the cold of foreign oceans and the breath of broken dreams
but it keeps me coming back the sights and sounds of unknowing
the questions without answers and a rib cage overflowing
and with every beat apart it’s like the sky without a sun
i’ve lost my sense of balance and the ground has lost its charm
play dead play dead and just hope it goes away
if you can’t see the eyes you’ll never know the pain it brings
dead play dead and just hope it passes by
you buried your convictions so you could stop asking why
but as i learned to love the silence the same i hated as a kid
then i saw my own reflection in the dark of pressed eyelids
the apparition searched himself before he finally fiercely urged
he said that everything is awesome but that nothing fucking matters
so just live your live and choose your own path
don’t play dead.